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to mislead us? that's wrong. but ban all abortions? only...if you vote for him. ♪ >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> the new apple products get a -- and this one was no different. unveiled its new i-pad mini today. takes us to the new announcement to give os closer look. >> this is i-pad mini. >> apple vice presidentof worldwide marketing made the announcement today in san jose. starting at $329 the new i-pad mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter. as thin as a pencil and light as a pad of paper. >> it's great for surfing the web, sharing with friends and family. >> with the success of the kindle fire and other smaller tablets, the president of -- group says he may have felt the pressure. >> the 7-inch tablets have been selling well. a lot of us thought the 7-inch tablets were going to be a betweener product but it is easier to carry. >> the announcement comes on the heels of the new i-phone 5 release featuring a new screen. apple has sold more than 1 million i-pads. the new version is 7-point -- ceo tim cook says it's been an amazing year for apple. >> it has been an incredible year. wit
have let them in to search. they didn't have to use a battering ram. >> reporter: police won't name suspects or shea they found but tell us the judge issued the search warrant for probable cause. >> i think that they have a misconstrued the whole situation. >> reporter: the search was for debit and credit cards and other items that had been stolen. >> i've never stolen a credit camp. >> reporter: have you ever been a member of l.a. fitness? >> never been there. >> reporter: on september 27th mrs. staley went to the toys r us to buy legos for her nephew. >> clerk said are you a reward member? i said yes, my husband is. he said i can look you up by your phone number. >> reporter: she rattled off her phone number. now she thinks the customer behind her might have had a stolen credit card to buy a playstation and used her overheard rewards number which allows you to get a discount. i'm a guy with a credit card that i stole. why do i want a discount? >> right. ght. well, it's not. it's to link the transaction to someone else. >> reporter: she says to throw the cops off the trail. th
for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. >>gas prices already high and some local drivers may be asked to pay even more. take a welcome at the recent changes. the prices went up 4 cents a gel gallon in d.c. one price hasn't changed. it's been twenty years since maryland raised the state gas tax and montgomery county is in dire need of transportation funding. the condition council met with business leaders today, one of the hot topics, a possible county wide gas tax. lauren demarco has that story. >> when i pulled up and i saw $4.09, oh my goodness. >> steadily increasing for the last seven weeks. it's unlikely maryland legislators would agree to an increase on the state's gas tax. the president of the montgomery county council wants to take the matter into his own hands. >> if the state does not have the political will to do this, i'm saying local governments, like montgomery county, has to be able to move forward on their own. >> roger wants the state to give county lawmakers the authority to raise g taxes. the county would retain 100% of the revenue. w
: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this message. lavar arrington: i hate losing. hate it. but right now we're losing jobs and money for... our schools to casinos in other states like west virginia. question seven creates 12,000 jobs with a new resort casino... and expanded table games here, in maryland. we all win with question seven. new jobs. money for schools, and instead of marylanders... spending 550 million dollars in other states... it gets invested here. vote for question seven. for maryland. i'm on my way. >> joe: adam wainwright, too much in this matchup against tim lincecum here tonight. the cardinals' bats broke loose and came up with eight runs on 12 hits. in a five-run win. let's go down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: adam, it seemed like you had one of your better curveballs tonight. what did you think of your stuff and your performance overall? >> player: i was confident coming in the game that i had the stuff to go out and pitch the ball. i felt that way last time, too. didn't work out. we 2010 game. today was a big -- we won
'll cut it off. cut us off. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. [ female announcer ] women need to know the real mitt romney. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. >>> inmates at a prison in pennsylvania are being allowed to go home for a few days because of a bedbug infestation. furlough so exterminators. inmates will be allowed to go home, stay with friends and family. those who don't have a place to stay will remain at the prison in a different area. >>> controversy surrounding the zoo halloween decorations prompted the zoo to remove the display. life size ghostly figures with bla
area, just a few hours to our west snowing. snowshoe mountain in west virginia sent us this video of the first real snow fall. it started falling at 9 a.m. and lasted until this afternoon. the resort won't open until december. sue palka is tracking the temperatures and letting us know when we might be able to book our first snowboarding trip out to snowshoe. >> i know your snowboard is shaking in the closet ready to go. it's probably going to be a while before we can book those trips, but it's definitely chilly tonight. we have liquid variety showers around the region. i'll show you on radar here, not a lot showing up, but across fairfax county into prince william county, let me get in tighter, you can see a couple lighter showers. she's will amount to a few 1 hundredths hundredths. an inch of rain. it's really the temperatures that are the big stories. let me show you where we're standing now with those temperatures, 51 in the district still. that doesn't change from last hour. in the mid-40s to our north and west. so the clouds and showers are keeping things level for now, but d
sunday. thanks. >> thank you for joining us tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> hurricane sandy may become a tale of two storms, first sandy battered the beaches in the caribbean in south florida with waves strong enough to pull cars into the ocean. now it's moving north and is expected to collide with a cold air mass to create a hybrid monster storm. residents from the mid-atlantic to new england have their eyes on this thing and fox 5 is covering it from every angle. we'll hear from local leaders, metro, homeowners, but first we have the new 11:00 forecast from the national hush center. sue palka is in the weather -- hurricane center. sue palka is in the weather center pour over it now. >> they're -- pouring over it now. >> they're definitely talking about this taking over the characteristics of the hybrid storm it is predicted to become. they keep it as a category 1 hurricane and it's moving faster now to the north at 10 miles per hour. so that picked up a small amount of forward motion, but they think the center has been wobbly a little bit as we've g
it done. for us to get the win is huge. >> ken: what about the panda? >> player: yeah. he will look back on this night for the rest of his this night. anything happened in the game and panda was a sight to see tonight. >> ken: thank you very much. >> player: thank you. >> ken: matt, back to you. >> matt: thanks, kenny. ten years after he was named the american league cy young award winner in 2002, barry zito has a night for the ages in october of 2012. he was terrific tonight. this is a guy you played with in oakland, a guy you faced. what did you see out of your old mate tonight? >> eric: same thing of game five of the championship series. a guy that nibbled on the corners. when he did get in trouble he got out of it. he never gave in and battled and battled. you can't say enough about the way that barry zito has pitched and how he stepped up. the first game, runners on first and second. prince fielder, what does he do? pop up out there and then delmon young up to the plate. gets out of the inning right here. he set acetone right out of the chute. he is showing everybody, hey, you know
like us during the commercials, right? >> that looks like the news setup here. >> what do you mean it's going to rain on saturday? >> guilty. >> you guys are funny. you might need the hair spray. the humidity is crazy. >> it's so humid tonight. what we are not seeing is all that fog. the reason is, it's cloudy. we would have fog forming. tonight, what we're having with clouds is a couple scattered, very light showers showing up. i think they will be around in the overnought hours. and we will probably have a couple more light showers in the first part of our nurse. no big washout like we had two days ago. we talked about scattered, light showers. a couple of them around in the morning. i think they'll be out of here by the noon hour and our thursday afternoon is going to end up being nice. speaking of hair spray, a little breezy in the afternoon. out of a direction that we'll get rid of the humidity. we're going to have a few weekend showers to deal with. not so much on saturday, there will be a few around in the afternoon, but on sunday, we will likely be dealing with showers and
and colder tomorrow night as yet a second frontal boundary looks like it will come through and keep us chilly as well. that's tonight. tomorrow night probably colder. we've got clear skies all over the area tonight. later there could be some high thin clouds that come in. frontal boundary to our north will swing through. once again we think this will come through dry, but there might be a little deck of clouds in the middle of the afternoon and the breeze will pick up a bit tomorrow afternoon, but it will settle down again tomorrow night. so tonight 47 degrees and the clouds that we get will come closer to dawn with some suburban areas dropping to the 30s. tomorrow 66 degrees. the front comes through, picks up the wind in the afternoon out of the north, northwest 10 to 15 just for a few hours during the afternoon. i think it gets lighter going into the evening. so there's no rain in sight on this accuweather seven-day forecast, cool start tomorrow morning at 8:00. by noon 61 and by 5:00 65 degrees. as mentioned, your accuweather seven-day forecast, not only do we have a beautiful stretch of w
the hurricane? >> i used to live in massachusetts and i was up there for the big storm halloween last year. bad weather is something i'm used to. i've never been through what they predicted this kind of frankenstorm to be and i was interested how high the water would get. >> reporter: it hasn't gotten that high. >> lost power two or three minutes earlier but came back on. i'm more worried about my friends in new york. >> reporter: we all are concerned about what's going on in new york city. it seems as if they're getting much of the brunt of the storm and we're not feeling the full wrath of sandy here in old town alexandria. we will keep you posted on any developments. >>> let's check in now with rushern baker to get the very latest on prince george's county. thanks for joining us. what's the latest word about what you guys are hearing going on in your county? >> thank you very much for having me. we have 10 road closings in the county now. we'll post those road closings on our website so that people can be updated. >> let me ask you quick you guys got affected by some of this tonight. you lo
are actually used in the processing. people who are most susceptible to the flu like small children and the elderly should get the shot. that is a wrap on the 10. brian is standing by now with your news edge at 11:00. >>> tonight a fairfax county football team takes the field while remembering a player who will never join them again. a volunteer found bryan glenn's body in a park in fairfax county this week. glen was a senior kicker at woodson high school. his friends spent a week looking for him after he disappeared. >> reporter: not far from the football field lit up with friday nightlights candles at a memorial for player bryan glenn flickered. mimi minnick was instantly drawn to it. >> the candles went out in te wind. i had a lighter in my pocket. i would want someone to do the same for my son. >> reporter: bryan glenn's death hit the community hard, especially since he's not the first woodson student to die in recent months, so young taking their pain with them. >> there's some things undefinable that we're not getting right here as a community. for this to have happened to n
one is in critical condition. >> reporter: the captain tells us the other four are believed to have nonlife threatening injuries. we did talk to a resident who lives in the very building in front of where this shooting happened. she told us that at 9:00 last sunday there was another shooting. she heard three shots and looked outside and saw a woman on the ground who apparently had been shot in that incident. we do not know if there's any connection. people living around here say there has been trouble here for quite some time. that's the latest from the 1300 block of north capitol street, four men, one woman shot here a little after 9:00 tonight. one victim is in critical condition. >> audrey barnes, the latest tonight on >>> a thursday night football game between the baltimore ravens and cleveland browns helped police catch a pair of serial burglars. police arrested joseph baumgarten of pasadena, diana marketti of glen burnie. one of the items listed, a pair of ravens tickets. police showed up to the game, questioned the ticket holders, found they had bought the ti
others hurt in three separate shootings. sims could have received a life sentence. >>> weather giving us plenty to talk about tonight, some heavy bands of rain came through. what's the weekend looking like? gary mcgrady has our first weather look. >> pretty good. i think tonight we've had improving conditions once the rains moved out. here's a look at sentinel radar because we aren't really seeing anything. what we do see is a little bit of light rain shower activity way out north and east of us just south of philadelphia. you go back several hours. we did have a line of showers and thunderstorms fire up just to the west of i-95 and kind of stick around for a couple hours early this evening. as a matter of fact, it was responsible for a tornado warning up into baltimore county north of the city and haven't seen any reports of anything confirmed up there. so probably just a standard thunderstorm that didn't really cause much problem other than heavy rain. temperatures are dropping down in the area tonight. it is 60 degrees here in town, quantico 61, a little cooler in the suburbs 50 for c
funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] he'll cut it off. cut us off. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. [ female announcer ] women need to know the real mitt romney. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >>> the captain of a capsized cruise ship may soon find out whether he'll stand trial. 32 people died when the costa concordia ran aground off the coast of italy in january. today a judge began hearing evidence to determine whether francesco schettino should are criminally charged accused of manslaughter and -- should be criminally charged. he's been accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. >> they're going for criminal charges as well and furthermore, they're going to present evidence of what mechanical failures were wrong on the ship and who was trained in the policies and procedures that were put in place to evacuate people and maybe them safe. >> today's hearing drew so many people it had to be held in a theater. >>> thieves in the netherlands made off with millions of dollars in art, seven popular paintings stolen from the museum be
us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> super storm sandy spreads misery up and down the east coast as new york residents try to pump out the flames, put them out and pump out the water. some of the heaviest damage is in new jersey where huge portions of the jersey shore boardwalk are gone replaced by water, sand and debris. here at home flooding the main concern, high tide. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: the air familiar with flooding tonight was no exception. about a block -- the area familiar with flooding tonight was no exception. about a block behind me is where the potomac spilled over the edge. [ audio difficulty ] [ audio difficulty ] >> stopping by since it happened to take pictures. >> he got up at 3:30 and started doing dessert. i said maybe we should start doing dinner early. that way if the power goes out at 6:00, we could eat by candlelight. 4:00 the tree comes through my house. >> it was a tree we went expect to fall on your house. we were thinking we had some trees in the back because they were older and more brig that they wou
of the victims told us off camera he told the robbers he didn't have a key. so they bound his and his co- workers wrist with plastic zip ties and made them get on the floor. prince george's county police say they believe the same two men robbed at least two other liquor stores last month, one in suitland and this place on september 4th. it's david's liquors in the lan dove hills shopping center on annapolis road in -- landover hills shopping center on annapolis road in landover. those robberies were both in the morning around 9:30, in all three crimes the gunmen striking as the businesses were opening. back now to east pines where the victim we spoke to says despite being threatened with the gun he and his co-worker were not hurt. he says the two men emptied the cash registers netting about $125. prince george's county police now warning other liquor stores in the county to be aware. the men are still out there. their robbery spree is not likely to end until they're caught. police say in one of the robberies a get-away car was spotted, a white suv with what appeared to be maryland temporary tags
took hold. >> i used to clean pools as an engineer and i know what can happen with this. one little change and the algae is everywhere. >> reporter: it will take a few days for clean-up to be completed and then three more days for the pool to be refilled. all the work costs about $100,000, the money coming out of national park service's maintenance budget. >> we have to do this once a year. >> reporter: the renovation project included reinforcing the bottom of the pool to prevent millions of gallons from leaking out every month. it also included new l.e.d. lights and handicapped accessible walkways, but the green project turning green wasn't in the plan. many tourists say they understand. >> i think it's money well spent. unfortunately we have these mishaps along the way. >> the national park service says the warm weather and even the derecho which upset nutrients in the bottom of the lakes and reflecting pool led to this particular problem. they say algae doubles in size every four hours. >>> developing in fairfax county police are looking for a suspected serial fondler. he's app
-- a ravine and were not able to get back up the trail to get out. >> reporter: they used their overnight gear to survive the freezing nights. one piece of equipment they didn't have, a gps tracking device. >> he's now probably getting six for christmas. >> reporter: kathy still can't take neil's shirt off. it brought her comfort these past self days, but now knowing her son and his buddy will be coming home unharmed kathy is ready to change and reflect. >> family is everything and people say that. everybody says that, but when something like this happens, it really brings it home. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. >>> we're following a developing story in maryland, a teen-ager is dead after an attack inside his home in hillcrest heights. as fox 5's maureen umeh reports, the victim was an expectant father. >> kind of hurting right now, you know, because, you know, he was my blood. >> reporter: the victim's great uncle stares at the house on the corner of the 3400 block of 25th avenue in hillcrest heights. that's where the teenage victim lived and was shot to death monday afternoon.
. george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> tonight hurricane fears, sandy is on its way north after barreling through haiti and cuba today. forecasters fear it could turn into what they're calling a frankenstorm. that is a monster combination of wind, rain and maybe even snow. good to have you with us. i'm will thomas. take a live look right now at miami, florida. you can see giant waves crashing over the street. power outages are being reported, public school classes canceled for friday andthe storm not just pounding here in south florida. it could cause huge problems and billions of dollars in damage along the east coast. let's get right to it tonight. hurricane sandy fears, gary mcgrady is in the weather have to begin our storm coverage. >> thanks, will. this will be a high impact storm all up and down the east coast. we'll go right to the satellite picture to show you. it doesn't look very organized here. as a matter of fact, it has be
away from going to the world series. bruce bochy joked with us when the series was 3-1, thinking back to the cincinnati series, and he said we've got them right where we want them. one strike away. that gets away and the runners will advance to second and third on those wet base pads. it's a 1-2 count. you can see from that shot how wet the infield is. >> tim: nothing would be routine to an infielder. >> joe: that should end it! and who else, scutaro! and the giants have won the pennant! 9-0, the final in game seven! >> tim: and the fans here in san francisco finally have a chance to celebrate request request -- with their giants. >> joe: matt cain, the starter and winner tonight. and the guy who squeezed that final out, marco scutaro, is going to the world series for the first time and there is very little drama as to who the mvp will be in this nlcs. we don't know the answer, but it has got to be the giants second baseman, marco scutaro. >> tim: the only giant remotely close would be ryan vogelsong. >> joe: let's go down to the field and to erin andrews. >> tim: obviously -- >> obvi
and for us to win this year is just amazing. >> reporter: how did you get this shirt so quickly? >> the minute that the nats clinched because of atlanta losing they cleaned out all the old shirts from the store. they put these out. they put out the hats. they put out the shirts. >> reporter: didn't see the hats. >> everything was ready to go. >> nl east champions 2012 washington nationals! >> yeah! >> reporter: it's still loud here on the sidewalk outside nats stadium. all the employees are leaving. they're very happy. there are still two more games in the regular season, tomorrow and wednesday night against the phillies 7:00 here. so the season is not over, but the celebrating has begun. >> bob, i know you've covered sports from time to time in our town. let me ask you can you ever remember a time where this much excite happened after a loss? >> reporter: good question. no. not really. will had asked me earlier what i would compare this to? i think the night barack obama was elected president there was electricity in the air. since then almost four years i think this is the
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